Stephen D. Cope

computer infrastructure expert, trading systems engineer, owner of multiple identical pairs of socks

Curriculum Vitae

A PDF of my Curriculum Vitae is available on request. Email:

Currently I specialise in low latency trading systems on Linux. When I say full stack I really do mean at least 7 layers of the OSI model.


If it's IT then I've done it. Except Windows Domain Controllers.

I have a decade and a half on the job and am well regarded by my peers who compliment the depth and breadth of my knowledge. Give me an hour and I'll show you how to fix your load balancer configuration, Linux swap tuning, 3 month forward points, and JVM memory limit.

It's not about how many classes I doodled my way through (at least I was listening - that's more than some of the other students) but rather what I have experience doing.

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