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computer infrastructure expert, trading systems engineer, owner of multiple identical pairs of socks

What is my email address?

Email my general email address ki mi hia -at- and then I'll reply. My turnaround time isn't super fast, but I do read all my personally addressed email.

For other non-email ways to contact me, skip down.

How would you prefer to protect your email?

Your email is important to me and may be recorded for snooping, suppressing, and marketing purposes. I don't put these policies in place: various power mad governments are doing it on my behalf and I don't even want it! The best case for privacy and encryption is the fact that all the leaked NSA slides have TOP SECRET stamped on them.

While reasonable care is made to use TLS in transit, it's best if you also add some encryption within the wrapper.

Why? Because it's nobody else's business, that's why.


Easiest way to wrap up your emails is to get yourself a free email certificate, put it into your mail program, and then send me an email.

You also get a pretty cool looking wax seal on your email icon when people receive a signed email from you. Look for the S/MIME signature on my emails.

Help yourself to my S/MIME public key.


The interface for PGP is a bit more polished when I'm using mutt or command line tools to detach sign files.

It's a bit more complex in Thunderbird even with the pretty cool Enigmail (and farewell FireGPG, you beautiful tool). Also, Moxie doesn't like PGP.

Help yourself to my PGP key.

You can also find me on tipene and here's another copy of my PGP key: 4096R/B3B4BBF5

Other Ways to Contact Me

Pretty much the best way to ensure I will receive your message is to ring me and verify that indeed you are speaking to me and then deliver your message.

Yes, your call may be the No. 1 Most Important thing right now, but please be aware that by law or sleep I may not always be able to answer your phone call (for example, should I be driving).

Here are some ways you could contact me:

Telephone: this also works for Signal and WhatsApp (although now WhatsApp uses the same underlying protocol my earlier reservations are now only privacy related).

Email: ki mi hia -at- gmail tipene PGP key: 4096R/B3B4BBF5

 - - 8< - - CUT HERE - - >8 - - 

Other less useful ways to contact me:

Linked In: Stephen D. Cope on Linked In

Skype: yes, I have one of those but I stopped using it

Facebook: web2.0user; I avoid that message chat thing: you have to post it on my "wall".

Twitter: @futuresprog

Also on Steam, Sony PSN, Origin, Nintendo Wii, and even that ridiculous Xbox gamertag nonsense too.