Stephen D. Cope

computer infrastructure expert, trading systems engineer, owner of multiple identical pairs of socks

Welcome dear reader, user of Google, and/or erstwhile colleague.

This is my neglected corner of the Internet. It may be neglected, but it really is mine (unlike the preposterously high number of others which share my name).

Currently I am a trading systems engineer. I wave my hands over a keyboard to ensure our servers are running. It's pretty specialised stuff.

Qualifications and CV

If it's IT then I've done it. Except Windows Domain Controllers.

Please check the lock icon in your browser window. Is it green? Then my work at DNS, Linux server administration, TLS, nginx and Apache httpd, IPv6, and HTML is solid.

I have two decades on the job and am well regarded by my peers who compliment the depth and breadth of my knowledge. Give me an hour and I'll show you how to fix your load balancer configuration, Linux swap tuning, 3 month forward points, and JVM memory limit. Latest C.V.

As Mark Twain said: Ask not how many qualifications I have, but what I can do for you.

Ways to Contact Me

Telephone: I have one of those. Email me for it.

Please use Signal (although now WhatsApp uses the same underlying protocol my earlier reservations are now only privacy related, plus Facebook is very creepy and gross). tipene PGP key: 4096R/B3B4BBF5

See additional ways to contact me for details of email, S/MIME, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Promotional links

If you don't want to hire me to manage your server, how about you click this affiliate link and rent your own from Digital Ocean?

I don't like advertising networks profiling me and attempting to manipulate my wallet. Download and use Brave as your browser. You'll be surprised how nice the Internet is.